Michael moore



Their copyrights are based on historic figures and events.

Promotion of musicians and videos - discovery of blockbusters

They aren't hiding anymore. isohunt and thepiratebay have fan pages on social networks

Piracy, the better choice.

Availability, ease of use, no software required - all-around hardware-compatible.

Human rights or copyrights? Which one is more important?

If sharing is a crime, then so is harassment. Don't let the bullies punish you for speaking your mind.

- Is it good or is it crap? - Is it worth my time? I want to know. I want to share. Sharing for the benefit of knowledge.

- I record TV movies at home, so that I can enjoy them when I find some spare time. - Is personal enjoyment illegal too?

It is just a copy. It's not a crime!

It's your choice. It's your right. It's your freedom.

I want to enjoy music. I want to enjoy videos. I want to enjoy movies.

I want to enjoy media.

Know your rights. Sharing = Freedom

Share it to spare it.

Case study: Translations and subtitles (free translations for music/video labels)

Case study: Less price for games - World of Goo

It's not just a copy. It's your freedom to do it.

Case study: The rise of illegal downloading has been good for the music scene, helping to create a generation of exciting new acts, according to US band Fleet Foxes.

Music makes musicians even better.

The income from ads and donations make a better search engine software, not a better criminal activity. Providing people the comfort to easily search is not a crime. Advertisements and donations placed are a way of those people saying 'thank you' for the search engine and to the website developer, not to encourage illegal activities.

Case study: Is sharing that bad? What about the Linux ecosystem?

Share it - keep it for the generations to come.

Being online is your right. Storing data is your right. Sharing is also your right.

Sharing opinions, giving ratings, exchanging ideas.

Sharing is caring. You are not a criminal. You are a human being.

Testing before buying is healthy: - Friendlier to the environment. - Users comment quality, for free. - Media industries make their products better.

They bash your freedom, they destroy your freedom, they monopolise your freedom, they profit from your freedom.

All they want is to destroy the humanity within humans. Will you accept that?

If the media industries stopped suing and hunting, they could used that money to... - - -

What do you do with bullies? What do you do with force advertisements? What do you do with harassment?

You can control your freedom.

Yes! I share! Humans do that every day.

Copy that! You know you can.

You paid for it. You have the right to enjoy media however you may please.

You went to a store. You bought it. You didn't ask to lease it. Yet you did. Media nowadays is leased to you, so that you can listen to it, but you are not allowed to make a backup

Case study: Their lawyers and executives are playing dirty.