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Introduction Edit

 Piracy may be a copyright infringement as the worldwide laws state. If 60% (guessing) of the world population break the rule, then it makes you think - "Is that rule sane?". On the other hand, it also makes you think as a publisher "What else am I supposed to do to protect my work?".

 Before you start assuming things, take at least a minute to read some of the wiki pages - explore the content. The wiki page is awaiting for you to take a step forward and express your opinion, explain to the world of big companies that believe in copyrights and patents why it is wrong.

So what is piracy? Edit

 Piracy in my twisted and biased opinion is a community of individuals that share a common dream: freedom of electronic distribution of the media. That same community has learnt to share and keep what is good for generations to come. They have also learnt to oppose to what has cultural or artistic value and help to promote it, without requesting any money for what they do. This community should have a statement of what they oppose to and what they actually seek.

 This community is probably huge - a lot of anonymous users. These users could be your neighbours, your children, your brother or your sister or your grandparents. There must be a reason as to why it is so appealing to break the rule of copyright. That reason is the actual human virtue of sharing and helping each other.

What are you supposed to do? Edit

 You can explain why you feel that the world needs a change in copyrights and patents, why do they oppose to several human rights and freedoms and why is the music and cinema industry actually exploiting the people and how they are demagoguing their opinion about some of their products. Also, you could state how would they benefit from an innovative license if it was used by the major companies that deal with copyright infringement every day due to piracy. Such a license would be the Creative Commons .

 As you may have already seen at the top left corner of this wiki, it is categorized in the "Philosophy" section. I believe that this is an ideology page. If you want to bash companies and use inappropriate words, I suggest you try out Uncyclopedia :-)

The rule Edit

 You are free to enter content as long as you are in the spirit of openness and freedom of speech and electronic distribution in general.

Let's start! Edit

 Let's start with the following (See TODO ).

HELP! :)

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